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Chalk Festival #10: Drawing 3D Spider-Man at Monticello Let's Chalk

My 10th chalk festival and final one of the 2023 season. I pushed myself WAY out of my comfort zone this summer so it felt good to end the season doing it again with my first 3D anamorphic chalk art.

It’s definitely not an easy concept to grasp quickly, but I’m glad I struggled through the brain teasers and tests. It should hopefully get easier from here, plus I’ve gotten a lot of great tips for the next ones.

We did get hit with some rain this festival and lost most of our time on day one, but an early morning on day two helped make up for it.

It was fun seeing everyone interact with Spidey and I appreciate everyone who came and took pictures! Always so fun to see familiar faces or meet some of you at events.

I’ll still be doing more chalk art, but am also transitioning into doing charcoal drawings as the weather starts to cool.

WATCH: Check out the full video recap here or watch it below.


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