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Whether you’re looking for beginner or experienced instruction, Tara’s classes, workshops, and camps provide the perfect opportunity to learn new techniques and enhance skills at any age and stage in life. 

Programs range from 1-2 hour short programs, to multi-day camps.

Interested in booking or learning more? Begin the process here.

The Process

1  |  Discovery

Submit a request with your information here. I'll connect with you via phone, email or both to understand your needs, goals and program ideas.

2  |  Pricing, Contract & Deposit

You receive pricing per the pricing model agreed upon in our Discovery conversations, as well as a contract. If everything looks good, you sign the contract. Please note, in some situations a contract is provided by the organization, and in some cases a deposit is required. 

3  |  Design (if applicable)

If we are creating a custom program (outside of the standard programs I offer), I'll leverage what we discussed in the Discovery phase and create a program(s) for you to provide feedback on and make revisions. Once everyone has agreed on the custom program design, you'll approve it and I'll begin preparing. 

4  |  Preparation

I leverage this time to prepare the materials and supplies needed to conduct the program. We'll also stay in touch during this stage on registrations to see if we meet the minimum requirements or, if we are at capacity, to see if we need to open up additional registrations for more participants. 

5  |  Program Held

It's time to host the program! This is the best part where we can welcome participants and introduce them to the world of chalk art or other mediums. 


Pricing varies as every program and need is unique, and each organization I work with has different pricing models (e.g, fee-based, commission-based, etc). 

For my programs, pricing includes program design, setup and facilitation, and all materials needed. For most of my programs, pricing also allows for participants to keep most of the materials they receive. This is so they can continue to create and practice the concepts and techniques we cover. You'll receive specific pricing based on your needs and situation. 

Minimum participants = 8 

Camps & Classes FAQs

What is chalk art, and what are the benefits of incorporating it into our programming?

Chalk art involves creating temporary artwork using chalk pastels on sidewalks or other surfaces. Incorporating chalk art into programming offers numerous benefits, including fostering creativity, promoting outdoor play and physical activity, and engaging the community in public art projects that enhance the aesthetic appeal of public spaces.

What age groups are suitable for chalk art camps, workshops, or classes?

Chalk art programming can be tailored to suit a wide range of age groups, from youth, to teens, and adults and seniors. Activities and programming are adaptible to accommodate different skill levels, interests, and physical abilities ensuring participants of all ages can enjoy and benefit from the experience.

What types of chalk art activities or techniques are included in the programming?

Programming can include a variety of chalk art elements depending on the option selected. We cover things such as basic drawing techniques, application and blending, color mixing, and perspective. Each program is created to fit within the timeframe selected and skill level, and all programs can be further customized to align with your goals and objectives.

What materials and equipment are needed for chalk art programming?

All materials are provided and included in the pricing. I work to ensure participants can take most of the materials they use home with them to keep and continue to practice and create. Materials we use include sidewalk chalk, chalk pastels, blending tools, protective gear, and more. I recommend clients select and reserve the venue, ensuring it has access to water or a hose ideally. This is especially helpful for multi-day camps or if space is limited. 

How can we ensure the safety of participants during chalk art programs?

We discuss the location and safety in the Discovery phase. Additionally, we monitor safety (including weather and air quality) as we approach the dates of the program to make adjustments or move to a back-up location if needed. Safety measures include selecting suitable outdoor locations, we're aware of and have a plan in place for traffic control (if applicable), aligning on the best time to ensure safety from extreme heat or weather, using cardboard boxes or towels to protect participants from hot or rough surfaces, and creating a back-up plan or back-up location in the event they are needed. 

What are the logistical considerations for hosting chalk art events or classes?

Considerations include scheduling, venue selection, registration processes, fees or pricing structures, and equipment setup and cleanup. Coordinating logistics effectively ensures a smooth and successful implementation of a program. I will work with you and handle most of the logistics. The logistics that organizations or communities are typically responsible for are venue selection and reservation, registration processes, marketing, etc. 

How can we promote and market chalk art programming to our community?

Although we do our own marketing for the programs, most of our chalk art programs sell out quickly if they are marketed by the community or organization as well. This is especially true if it's the first time you are offering a chalk art program. We recommend ensuring it is clearly listed in program brochures, flyers and posters; ideally with photos. We also recommend leveraging social media and email marketing to ensure members of your community or audience are aware of it as an offering. Program descriptions and photos are available for your brochures or marketing purposes upon request. 

How can we incorporate chalk art into community events or festivals?

Most cities or organizations I work with for programming are also interested in incorporating chalk art into other community events or festivals. There are a variety of things we can do to incorporate chalk art, such as community artwork, competitions, interactive workshops, live demonstrations, or live performances. These can be on their own or as part of existing community events or festivals. If you're interested in incorporating chalk art into your next event, check out my Chalk Art & Street Painting services or my Mural services to learn more. 

What are the potential outcomes or impacts of implementing chalk art programming in our community?

There are so many! Chalk art or other forms of street art foster creativity and self-expression. And because so many of them are in public spaces or a form of  performance-based art, they can build community connections, beautify public spaces, promote cultural enrichment and engagement, or make an event stand out.

Do you make accomodations?

Absolutely! The chalk art programs are designed to be working on the ground on horizontal surfaces. Accomodations are available to those who need or request one. We can discuss these in the Discovery phase, but as long as we know the number of participants that need an accomodation, we will work to ensure we have everything they need to participate. 

What makes your programming unique? 

There are two factors that make my programming unique: First, my primary programming is around chalk art, a medium that is one of the most popular summer/fair-weather activities for children, families, and adults. However very few formal programs exist to provide education and techniques, show the possibilities of it, or even how to do this type of art professionally. Second, most program instructors are subject matter experts. I am both a subject matter expert and have over 15 years of learning and development experience. Bringing my background in instructional design, program design/management, and facilitation; I create a highly engaging and impactful program.

Do you offer classes and programs for any other mediums?

Absolutely! Chalk Art has been my most popular program, but with over 15 years in instructional learning design and development, I can create a program to fit your needs. Contact me with your ideas and we can discuss. 

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