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Tara can create a unique piece of artwork on any surface and environment. Whether it’s a unique 2D mural or 3D interactive mural, both will have people lining up for photos. Tara creates permanent and semi-permanent, and fixed and freestanding mural paintings for clients. 

The interactive artwork is a great way to engage your customers and help your brand stand out. The massive scale of this artwork grabs attention and encourages people to engage with it. Tara can create a custom design for any ideas you have to meet your needs. 

Interested in booking or learning more? Begin the process here

The Process

1  |  Discovery

Submit a request with your information here. I'll connect with you via phone, email or both to understand your needs, goals and design ideas.

2  |  Pricing, Contract & Deposit

You receive an estimate and contract based on your request, design, and goals. If everything looks good, you sign the contract and pay a deposit.

3  |  Design Time

Leveraging what we discussed in the Discovery phase, I'll put together a design(s) for you to provide feedback on and make revisions. The amount of designs you receive and the amount of revisions included in your pricing is provided in your contract, as well as your invoice. Once everyone has agreed on the design, you'll approve it and I'll prepare for installation. 

4  |  Preparation

Depending on the artwork and event/goal, I leverage this time to prepare the materials and things I need to install the artwork. If I'm completing the artwork on site, I'm gathering and preparing everything I'll need in advance of the installation date (services date or event date). In some cases, I'm preparing portions of the artwork prior to an event or installation date. 

5  |  Installation

Time to install and create your artwork! This is the best part of the process where we get to see everything come to life. In most cases, this is installed or created on site during the agreed upon installation timeframe. In some cases, the artwork may be installed and created on site before and/or during the event. In other cases, I'm transporting artwork created in advance and installing it before or during the event. All of these intallations details are determined in the Discovery phase so we know exactly what you need and are prepared. 


Pricing varies as every mural and surface area is unique and custom made. Numerous factors such as size, complexity and surface area are determined in the price. 

General pricing for my murals usually falls between $33-$45/sq. ft. Pricing includes design, installation and materials, but does not include specialty supplies, licensing, special-order materials (e.g., scissor or boom lift rental, scaffolding, etc.) or other factors. This general pricing is provided as an example and does not represent the actual cost of work. You’ll receive a quote based on your specific needs and situation. 

Minimum charge = $1,000 

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin any work for murals.

Murals FAQs

What is a mural and how can it enhance a space? 

Murals are large-scale artworks on walls or surfaces, often using acrylic paints or spray paints. Murals can enhance spaces by adding visual interest, reflecting the identity or values of the organization, and creating memorable experiences for visitors or employees. 

What types of spaces are suitable for murals? 

Murals are suitable for a wide range of spaces, including office buildings, event venues, schools, retail stores, and public areas. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, on walls, ceilings, or other surfaces, depending on the client's preferences and objectives. 

Can the mural design be customized to fit our space and objectives? 

Absolutely! I work closely with clients to create custom designs tailored to their specific requirements, themes, branding, or messaging. This collaborative process ensures that the mural reflects your vision and goals while complementing the surrounding environment. 

What are the logistical requirements for mural installation? 

There are a lot of logistics that go into any large scale artwork, but especially Murals. These may include access to the wall or surface, surface preparation (e.g., cleaning, priming), availability of electricity or water (if needed), renting equipment, and securing any necessary permits or permissions for outdoor installations. I work closely with you on these logistics to meet our timeline and minimize disruption to daily operations during the painting process. 

How long does it take to complete a mural? 

The timeline for completing a mural project varies depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the artwork, surface preparation, weather conditions (for outdoor murals), and availability. I typically prefer to have 6-8 weeks lead team for a mural project, from initial concept to final installation. We can expedite this or discuss your specific timeline during the Discovery phase. Once we have an agreed upon design, you'll have an understanding of the timeframe needed to complete and install the mural. 

What materials are used for murals and how durable are they? 

I use common materials such as acrylic paints and spray paints for durability, weather resistance, and foot traffic. These materials are designed to withstand environmental factors and ensure the longevity of the artwork. Foot traffic or high traffic areas will be discussed in the Discovery phase to enusre the right materials are applied for your artwork. 

Can the mural be removed or modified in the future? 

This depends. Some murals are intalled on permanent structures, like walls or buildings. However, I also design freestanding murals that can be moved. This flexibility allows clients to determine what is best for their business, organization, or event and adapt to evolving needs or branding changes over time.

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