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Chalk Festival #6: Drawing Sonic at Chalk in Sauk

What started as a solo project ended up taking a team to finish! There was so much rain overnight that I lost all of the detail I had done for Sonic in chalk the day before. As I was waiting for it to dry, it kept sprinkling and more heavy rain was in the forecast. 😰

Enter @nesdork . An artist I first met through social media, met in-person at some recent chalk festivals, and lucky to now call a friend. He gave me a quick painting tutorial and the courage to just go for it. He also graciously stayed to help me finish just in time before it poured rain all over Sonic (it started to come down pretty thick as we were taking photos).

I also want to shout out @missing.artist for being chalk full of tips and advice (see what I did there? 😉), and to @studioyau and @ageniusz_art for answering my questions too. @shawn.arts is literally just the best for giving me a chance at this medium back in 2021 and continuing to give me chances today. 🙌🏻

I’m telling you, you won’t find a better community of people than chalk artists. They’re amazing humans. 💚

PS I know I want to make this one again…someday I’ll bring him back on a sunny weekend! 😎

WATCH: The full video recap here or watch it below.


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