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Hopkins Ladybug | Giant Intersection Ladybug Painting

The Hopkins Ladybug is finished! I was so excited to have been brought into this project by Josh M. and this Hopkins neighborhood.

The clients, Josh M. and Shannon D., live in a small suburban town of Hopkins, Minnesota in a neighborhood called, “The Avenues”. The Avenues are noted for tree-lined sidewalks and its proximity to downtown Hopkins. Josh grew up in Hopkins and was involved with a similar painting project in Seattle. He thought that would be a great fit for Hopkins and connected with me to help make it happen.

Painting an intersection gives a community an interesting landmark, but this massively large street art was also to be designed with safety in mind. Additionally, the process of painting the design brings the community together.

The design was inspired by the concept in Seattle, however Hopkins is known as the Raspberry Capital of the World so this ladybug rests on flower pedals inspired by the blooms of a raspberry bush and green raspberry leaves.

The project was even featured in the news.

Thank you to all who were involved with the city and community to bring this project to life, including but not limited to:

  • The City of Hopkins for providing a grant through the “Building Safer Communities” micro-grant program; issuing the permit; following through with the early morning street cleaning

  • Hirshfield's assistance with figuring out paint quantity and colors

  • The ANA East Neighborhood Association which provided additional support to help pay for a portion of the paint

  • Individual donors that contributed financially to the project

  • ANA East neighbors and friends who helped with the painting itself

  • Bob Metoxen from Hats Off America for the great photography and videography

  • And of course Josh, Shannon, and "The Avenues" neighborhood in Hopkins

WATCH: The full video recap here. or watch it below.

Photos provided by Bob Metoxen of Hats Off America.


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