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How to get started in Chalk Art | Everything you need to know

Here are the chalk art essentials for beginners that I wish I knew on day one. Make sure you bookmark this post.

What type of chalk or chalk paint should I use?

1. Sidewalk Chalk.

The brand you choose really comes down to personal choice. My favs are @loddiedoddieco and @crayola . Both have the most vibrant colors. I've heard good things about Walmart's PlayDay brand as well but don't personally use it. The thing to remember most with sidewalk chalk is your colors won't be as vibrant and it will wash away more easily.

2. Chalk Pastels.

Level up your chalk art with chalk pastels when you’re ready. @blickartmaterials and Koss are my go-tos, although I believe Koss is no longer sold (used to be available on Amazon). Sargent Art is another good brand. And @target has a good starter set for only $5 (they are very soft though so you’ll go through them faster). Go for anything that’s soft or chalk pastels, do NOT use oil pastels.

3. Tempera Paint.

This is water-based/washable craft paint. Basically chalk paint but WAY better than what’s marketed as chalk paint. Blick Student Grade is my go-to.

Be careful! Though it’s washable, chalk pastels and tempera paint can be more difficult to get off of some surfaces. Power washing almost always takes care of it though if Mother Nature doesn’t. Test a small space before starting and make sure to get permission if it’s not your property.

What blending supplies should I use?

1. Pool Noodle.

Cheap and effective! You can cut up into small pieces (or any size you prefer). Some types of foam packaging work well too. Just remember that the more rough your surface is, the faster you'll go through these.

2. Gloves.

I HATE the feeling of chalk on my hands. 😩 Gloves keep me mostly in the safe zone. Use your fingers/gloves to blend and save your fingers from going numb. I couldn’t feel my fingers for days after the first large piece I did in my driveway. Not fun. Maybe you’re driveway is smoother than mine though. Any disposable gloves will do, the higher quality you find the tougher their hold up to rougher surfaces. Be prepared to use multiple gloves per artwork, especially for rougher surfaces.

3. Carpet Square.

This is a secret weapon of chalk artists. No carpet square is the same, so experiment with different ones that you can find at any home improvement or carpeting store.

With anything in chalk art, it will all depend on the surface area, weather conditions and artist’s style for what will work best. Experiment with lots of things to find what works for you!

What else would you like to know?

WATCH: The video for a visual of how to get started in chalk art in less than 60 seconds.


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