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Chalk Festival #9: Drawing Joe Mauer at Minneapolis Street Art Festival

I can’t believe I’m recapping my 9th chalk festival. It felt like I had just recapped #5 at the start of summer and now we are almost to 10! 🤯

I have enjoyed trying to capture the image-like quality of reference images this summer and when you’re a chalk artist, baseball fan, and you have a brother-in-law (Brace Hemmelgarn) who takes incredible photos, it’s a win-win.

And since Joe Mauer, one of the most famous Minnesota Twins' player in history was recently inducted into the Twins Hall of Fame, I really wanted to celebrate that by drawing him this weekend.

Thanks again to Lucy and the crew at the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District (DID) for all their hard work, to all the volunteers, and security teams who made this festival possible!

My 10th festival is coming up Sept 9-10 in Monticello, MN. Hope to see you there!

WATCH: The full video recap here on YouTube or watch it below.


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