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Chalk Festival #8: Drawing The Joker at Borderline Chalk Fest

I never really know how each piece will turn out, especially as I try portraits for the first time this summer. This piece was a nice surprise and might be my new favorite. 🃏🤡

Hope you enjoy this wrap up of my weekend at Borderline Chalkfest in Whapeton, ND and Joaquin Phoenix’s The Joker. This was chalk festival #8 for me and my first time traveling out of state.

Some wind on day two kept me from doing as much texture as I wanted (the chalk would have just blown away), but so glad there wasn’t any rain!

Thank you to Katie and all the festival organizers and volunteers, @shawn.arts for his ongoing support and sharing his hometown with us all, the city of Whapeton, Chahinkapa Zoo, my host family Denise and Perry, and all the festival sponsors and more.

WATCH: The full video recap here or watch it below.


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